Introduction of KEF

Greeting from Our Chairman

The Kyushu Economic Federation (KEF) is a regional, integrated economic organization with a membership of over 1,000 companies doing business in Kyushu, Japan. It was established in April 1961 in Fukuoka as the fourth comprehensive economic organization in Japan after Keidanren (Tokyo), Kansai (Osaka) and Chubu (Nagoya).

Due to its proximity to the rest of Asia, Kyushu has long functioned as a cultural and commercial gateway.

KEF aims to expand international commerce and showcase Kyushu’s economic potential. In particular, KEF has been focusing on economic exchanges with other Asian nations. In 2001, KEF established a new platform called "The Yellow Sea Rim Economic and Technological Conference" with China and South Korea, with each country alternating annually as event host. Additionally, KEF has been strengthening international economic relationships under the MOUs (Memorandums of Understanding on economic exchanges) concluded with 14 organizations in 11 countries and regions in Asia.

In 2020, we opened the Kyushu Promotion Center in Hanoi, Vietnam. The goal is to provide information and to bolster Kyushu’s name recognition among ASEAN countries.

KEF works to deepen international relationships by globally promoting Kyushu’s unique advantages. We are currently organizing events such as the “Tour de Kyushu”, an international cycling competition where professional cyclists will race in Kyushu; and a conjunctionally-held program called "Discover Kyushu" to promote cycle tourism in Kyushu.

Under the philosophy of “A United Kyushu”, KEF is doing its utmost to “move Japan forward from Kyushu”. We will make it our highest priority to revitalize international trade and resume the movement of human resources, which are key to further growing the Kyushu economy.

We are pleased to draw your attention to Kyushu, a region in Japan with high economic potential, and look forward to working with you.

Chairman Kyushu Economic Federation
(Chairman and Representative Director, Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.)

Sumio Kuratomi